Luxury Wine Retailer – Millesima Administers Early Release Notifications For Wine Futures  

Following the success of previous years, luxury wine retailer, Millesima USA, will continue to bring new world technology to old world wine this year with their innovative notification system for Futures. In anticipation of the 2016 En Primeur releases, Millesima’s alert system will notify customers of upcoming vineyard releases from their increasingly vast portfolio. Wine connoisseurs will be able to search Millesima’s entire product catalog and create alerts for specific wines or entire appellations, once the prices are released for the wines, clients will receive an email or text message alert to disclose the price. Millesima continues to be the only retailer in the US to offer this service.

Family owned since 1983, Millesima USA is run by General Manager, Hortense Bernard – the daughter of founder Patrick Bernard. Hortense represents the fourth generation to work in the Bernard Group. They are the first foreign company to obtain a wine and spirits license in the state of New York. Millesima USA is considered the American arm of Bordeaux-based Millesima SA. The team first retail outlet was in New York City suburb of Dobbs Ferry from 2006 – 2009 and was then relocated to the Upper East Side of Manhattan in 2009.

The first Bordeaux Futures wines are released during Futures Week on April 3rd – 7th. During this week, Hortense Bernard and Henry Castro, Assistant Wine Buyer, will be in France for En Primeur week. They will be tasting the 2016 vintage from various estates to give an informed sneak peek into the 2016 Bordeaux vintage. Tasting notes and reviews will be subsequently released to the public. Wines prices can be released as early as April but typically the most sought after wines are released around May – June. Many estates do not announce release dates ahead of time, so the alert system will let their subscribers be the first to know.

“Whether you’re building on your collection, purchasing for investment, or simply planning for an important milestone, Futures is the way forward to find and buy great wine.”, said Hortense Bernard – Millesima USA General Manager. “It is quite common to buy Futures from your anniversary year, your child’s birth year, or even for a special occasion, such as retirement and graduation. Millesima offers the largest selection of Futures in the US and one of the largest catalogs of Bordeaux wines in the world.”

Bordeaux Futures are a way for fine wine connoisseurs to purchase the most highly sought after wines and vintages while they are still in barrel. This offers clients a unique opportunity to invest in wines before they are bottled. Clients purchase Futures 18 – 24 months before the wine is bottled and released on the market. Futures are usually bought for their prices. The price of a Futures wine is almost always lower than the release price on the market. Millesima takes pride in buying wines straight from the estate ensuring perfect provenance for their customers. Millesima offers a complete range of formats available, from half-bottles all the way to Melchior (18L) so vintages in a customized size can be purchased. Futures are sold and delivered in their original wooden case from the chateau.

Today, Millesima SA is one of the five largest buyers of Bordeaux Futures. The company purchases its wines exclusively from each property and therefore its bottles have only been in two cellars – those of the chateau and the Millesima cellars. Considered the undisputed leader of online sales of fine wines in Europe, the company boasts an extensive selection of large format bottles. Millesima continues to sell via catalog as well as online and is truly a family affair: Hortense’s brother Fabrice is now the CEO, replacing his father and former CEO, Patrick Bernard.


Millesima S.A. carefully maintains more than 2.5 million bottles of fine wine that age slowly in the company’s cellars in Bordeaux, including more than 12,000 large format bottles. This strategy, in place since 1983, is one of the keys to Millesima ’ s success. The company has 100 to 250 en-primeur wines literally in every format possible and has more than 80,000 private clients. Their comprehensive list includes Crus Classés wines from all Bordeaux vintages of the last 15 years, enabling customers to easily source the Chateau and the vintage that they are seeking. Millesima also offers wines from the best properties in the Rhone, Burgundy, Alsace, and other leading French regions, as well as top producers from Italy and the USA. The Millesima cellars in Bordeaux are open for touring. Appointments to visit the cellars can be made through the website at

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