Try The World Partners with Double Michelin-Starred Chef, Alex Atala & The ATA Institute to Introduce Distinct Brazilian Flavors to the U.S.

World-renowned double Michelin-starred chef Alex Atala is partnering with Try The World to source the most unique, locally-produced Brazilian delicacies for Try The World’s online shop, and will curate a special edition “Try The World – Brazil Box” to make its exclusive debut in 2016 in time for the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro. The proceeds from this partnership will support the ATA Institute, founded by Atala himself, whose mission is to bring global chefs and thought leaders to promote wider use of better suppliers and ingredients.

As Brazil’s first—and only—celebrity chef, Atala has been reinventing the Brazilian foodscape ever since he opened the double-Michelin star D.O.M. restaurant in Sao Paolo in 1999. Named the world’s most influential chef by Forbes, today he works to promote sustainable farming and to protect indigenous tribes through his non-profit think tank The ATA Institute.

Try The World is a unique gourmet subscription box service that offers a selection of delectable foods from around the world, specially curated and delivered to homes around the United States. Every two months, these exclusive boxes provide an opportunity to taste authentic foods from a different country right from your home, starting at $33 per box.

“I believe that the audience of Try The World will appreciate what I have been working on for so long, to bring the ingredients from my country to the broader public. I hope that Try The World can be a platform to introduce unique Brazilian ingredients to the United States,” said Atala.

“We couldn’t think of a better person than Alex Atala with whom to partner on sourcing Brazilian gourmet products. Alex Atala is the indisputable expert on Brazilian cuisine and ingredients,” said David Foult, co-founder and co-CEO of Try The World.

“Our mission is to enable anyone to discover and support the best food producers from around the world from the comfort of their home. We are pleased to announce that the proceeds from our partnership with Alex Atala will support the ATA Institute whose mission so closely aligns with ours,” said Kat Vorotova, co-founder and co-CEO of Try The World.

Founded in 2013, Try The World has released twelve different boxes from countries such as France, Japan, Italy, Morocco, Argentina, and Spain. Each box includes seven authentic delicacies curated by a culinary expert, in addition to a culture guide with recipes, music, and culture tips, as well as descriptions of each individual item. A wider selection of gourmet products from around the world is available for purchase on Try The World’s online shop.

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