• Categories: Art & Culture, Philanthropy, Entertainment
  • Client: Absolut

Issa PR spearheaded The Absolut Company’s recent global campaign to celebrate global unity. Over the course of a single night, seven artists from seven countries worked on a series of murals to inspire one another, as well as people in their local communities to live in a more open and inclusive world.

Renowned visionary, Aaron Rose, directed a short film featuring each artist’s vision of a better tomorrow centered on themes around sustainability, gender equality, global unity and freedom of expression. In the following months, community workshops will be organized to give back to locals. Artists include: Rio de Janeiro; Brazil - Panmela Castro; Vancouver; Canada - Emily Gray; Chengdu, China - Fansack; Berlin; Germany – Ibo Omari / Poet 73 / Gris; Mumbai; India – Avantika Mathur; Liverpool; UK – BetaRok 75, New York; US - Fumero.

Over 300 million media impressions were generated with key features in The Huffington Post, Medium Magazine, stupidDOPE, Hombre (Latin GQ), I Support Street Art and many others.

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